Brian Adams Photography¬†AAAmanda J. Bradley’s poetry book Oz at Night is available from NYQ Books. Her first book of poems, Hints and Allegations, was also released by NYQ Books. She has published poetry in many journals including Gargoyle, The Best American Poetry Blog, Paddlefish, Lips, Rattle, The New York Quarterly, Poetry Bay, and Barefoot Muse. Amanda is a graduate of the MFA program at The New School, and she holds a PhD in English and American Literature¬†from Washington University in St. Louis. Amanda is an Assistant Professor at Keystone College.

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  1. Is there any website that has the greeting cards that you have penned over the years. I LOVE your Greeting Cards
    Thank You for BEAUTIFUL WORDS
    Edward Kamont

  2. Hi Edward, I’m really glad someone asked that question on this site. I am *not* the Amanda Bradley who writes greeting card poems. My work is much, much different from hers. People make the mistake all the time, though, because we share the same name.

  3. Hello Amanda i am a big fan and doing a research project on your poems and life and i was wondering where i could find more information on yourself please let me know i really need it
    thank you so much

  4. Hi Amber, I suspect you are doing a research project on the Hallmark card poet Amanda Bradley? That’s not me. I don’t know how to reach her either. Best of luck with your project though!

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